Meet Jerry

He approached me with his hands deep in his pockets, calloused knuckles spilling out from the ragged denim. “I’ve been down here four days,” Jerry told me, his voice a low timbre. “The first two days it rained and rained. And these last two days, I’ve just been trying to feel dry again.”

Jerry ran his hand down his check and looked at the sidewalk, his knit hat low on his brow. He had moved back to Detroit from Georgia to take care of his mother who had just started chemotherapy. Since then, he’s stayed at shelters, lived in a car and spent the night at his mother’s house occasionally.

He spoke to me about a time before he left for Georgia when Detroit bustled with life. He told me how the street that we were standing on had houses instead of empty lots, how store vendors once lined the streets. Now at sixty years old, he had returned to a different city than the one he had left, and he wasn’t quite sure how to make sense of all the change.

Jerry’s trying to get back in touch with his family now, including a son and daughter who both live in the area. He told me that he knows God is after him, even if he’s unfaithful. He can feel God chasing him.

Jerry asked me to keep him in my prayers this week. Please do the same:
1. Pray that family relationships be restored, especially those with his youngest son and daughter.
2. As he’s reading Hosea this week, a story about God chasing after us even when we’re unfaithful, pray that his eyes are opened to the fact that God loves him no matter what. Pray that he continues seeking God as Lord of his life and that he comes to a point of surrender.
3. Pray that Jerry is able to follow God even when it’s difficult.


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