Meet Will

A couple weeks ago, I met another William – this time, on the other side of Lake Michigan.

The name William means “determined guardian.” He lives along the chain-link fence that runs parallel to the shelter. When I saw him last, he was rigging a plastic tarp over his weathered chair and crate of belongings, fashioning a make-shift tent to keep out the rain. But Will is more than a guardian of his possessions, creating a home for himself in the midst of broken glass bottles and chalky dirt. Each time that we’ve been down to our corner of the city, he’s watched over us with a careful eye, offering his chair or a drink of his water bottle when one of us stopped to talk. More than that, he always offers a kind word and good-natured smile.

Behind Will’s quiet voice lies a deep recess of introspection. Oftentimes he’s listening to music or reading a book, and I’ve witnessed how his mind is always working, always thinking. In conversations, he’s quick to listen, process his thoughts and then ask insightful questions. I’ve felt challenged by every conversation we’ve had – from family to mysticism and spirituality to the concept of Grace – his questions have always propelled me to think beyond the surface and reach deeply into the core of what I believe.

Will’s gentile spirit coupled with his quest for Truth make him unlike many that I’ve met. Please pray for Will this week. Let your hearts be burdened by his search for God:

1. Pray that his eyes be opened to TRUE spirituality – that he surrenders to the Gospel and not just a watered down version of religion
2. Pray that the Spirit helps him begin to discern the falsehoods that he believes – mysticism and rituals especially
3. Bottom line – pray that his heart is set on fire for Jesus and that he be free from false idols.


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