Meet John

Up until about a week ago John lived in a gray and yellow tent with his purebred collie, Lacey. After a few weeks of casual observance, they proved to be inseparable. John shared his food with her and made her a bed right next to his own every night. And though she wasn’t a very big dog, though her ribs jutted out just enough to notice, everyone felt protected just having her there.

After his wife passed away, John considered his dog Lacey to be everything to him. No longer did he possess a house or a car or any other belongings. Lacey was the only thing that he had left from his wife.

When I first met John, I asked him how I could pray for him. He was leaning heavily against the oak tree at the back of the lot, his gray eyes scanning the street. Wisps of long gray hair fell in front those eyes, creating a tangible picture of the curtain that he had erected between us. He was slow in answering at first. John wanted what most sought – a job, a house, someplace to call his own.

I probed a little bit further. “What about your heart?” I asked him. “What does your heart need?” He stopped and looked down at the cracked earth before meeting my eyes. “My heart hurts,” he said softly. “My wife is gone, and I’m heartbroken.”

In one form or another, we all understand heartbreak. So standing right in front of his gray and yellow tent with Lacey sitting at John’s feet, we prayed. And as the words came tumbling out, John’s tears came down faster and faster.

In Psalm 147:3 it says that, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” I know that as those tears hit the cracked earth below us, Jesus was working in John’s heart to slowly start to bind up his wounds.

John doesn’t live in that gray and yellow tent anymore. I heard that a little over a week ago, one of John’s relatives pulled up in a red pick-up truck and asked him if he wanted a job and a place to live for a few years while he got back on his feet. Not needing to be asked twice, John packed up his belongings and, together with his dog Lacey, made his first transitional steps toward a new life. When I stopped to think about it, I couldn’t help but wonder if this new chance at life is perhaps another way that God is using to bind up John’s old wounds.

Please pray for John as he starts his new life:
1. That he would surrender to the Lord and know that hope and healing is found only through him.
2. That he’s able to transition smoothly as he moves into a new house and job.
3. That he continues to heal from the heartbreak of losing his wife.


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  1. August 31, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Great article! Thanks for sharing it here.

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