Meet Donna

Years ago as a pastor’s wife, Donna felt called to begin a ministry at their church for the homeless. She journeyed to Tijuana, taking two suitcases but ending up with only the clothes she traveled in, sure that God had taken her out there to teach her something. She had just never expected to become homeless herself. Today she has two plastic folding chars, a large print bible, a messenger bag and little else. She’s been homeless for a little over two months now and still has faith that God is teaching her something.

Donna and I met outside the shelter before the lunchtime rush. I was standing outside on the street, my feet balanced halfway on the curb, when our eyes connected. She smiled slightly and tilted her head to one side, waving me over.

It was just like any other introduction. We smiled at each other and exchanged pleasantries. I think we may have even shook hands. But Donna was hardly impersonal. Almost immediately she began telling me about her plans for the future. Plans that included writing, nursing school and politics.

Not only is Donna an ambitious dreamer, but she works hard to put these dreams into action. She told me that she writes when the Spirit moves her and isn’t afraid to share the truth burdened on her heart. Her writing is honest and filled with conviction, a voice that is refreshing, meditative and drawn from scripture. Besides writing, she’s put in graduate school applications and is a write-in candidate for an upcoming political election.

More than her ambition, Donna’s heart radiates through her smile and actions. God blessed her with a sweet spirit; she is both mild-mannered and compassionate. At one point in the afternoon she even sacrificed her two chairs so that other women who didn’t have seats could relax for a few hours.

I see Jesus in her soft smile and compassionate actions. I know that others do to.

Please pray for Donna this week as God lays her on your heart:
1. That she gets back regularly into the Word. She’s studying Jonah this week. Pray that God reveal Himself to her through that scripture.
2. That she continue to be a light to those around her.


1 Response to “Meet Donna”

  1. 1 K-Rae
    August 3, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Falling in love with the women on the street more everyday. God is so good. I can’t wait to see what he does next week. I’ll be praying for Donna and the others.

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