Meet Eric

Eric wants to bring hope to those around him.

A couple days ago, he planted his first urban garden, hoping to expand in the coming weeks with three or four more. He plans to sell his harvest at the Eastern Market in Detroit and Farmers Market in Royal Oak. Neat rows of tomatoes, collard greens, and cabbages point perpendicular to the street. Dirty sandwich wrappers and crumpled cellophane litter the garden’s edges. When we raised our concerns about the garbage and intruding animals – such as the tailless tabby cat pawing at the tomato plants in the far corner – Eric told us not to worry; God is in control of everything, big and small.

Eric speaks English and French fluently. He lived in France for 12 years with his family before moving back to the United States in early adulthood. Upon his return he earned his degree in Secondary Education and began substituting in the Detroit Public School system. Since then he’s held down a number of eclectic job offerings including Maître d’ at high-end French restaurants (it helps when you can pronounce the wine menu) and various other handy man jobs.

His wife passed away a year and a half ago from ovarian cancer. He states that since that time, he hasn’t been the same, feeling the weight of her loss heavily in his life. It’s been difficult for him to hold down a steady job ever since.

So in the meantime, Eric dreams and plans. He gardens in the city and shares life with those around him – planting tomatoes in the ground and seeds of hope in the hearts of men and women.


2 Responses to “Meet Eric”

  1. July 30, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Good luck Eric. I think planting and selling your own garden is a cool idea, and more people should do it.

    • 2 sbohde
      July 30, 2009 at 8:32 pm

      There’s a lot of urban gardening going on in Detroit right now! You should check out http://www.detroitagriculture.org/ if you’re interested in it. It is a collaborative effort between Detroit Agriculture Network, Earthworks Garden/Capuchin Soup Kitchen, The Greening of Detroit and Michigan State University.

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