Meet Marie

“I’m going home.”

She stood half on the street, half off, a balled fist shading her eyes from the sun. She had gathered her stuff close to her – a clear plastic make-up bag, some canvas totes, baggies of dried fruit, an extra sweater for when the weather turned cool at night. Marie’s husband was picking her up in twenty minutes.

She had put on make-up and changed into a clean cotton t-shirt, smoothing down her hair every couple of seconds. While she waited, we sat down and she asked me questions about my family. How many babies of my own did I have? Had my parents been divorced a long time? Her assumptions of family life surprised me. I told her that my parents would be married for 30 years next year. That I was blessed to have finished college and be firmly entrenched in a career. And that no – I wasn’t a mommy yet.

She leaned back on her elbows, pursed her lips and started to talk. Tonight her family planned to take her out to dinner. She would be introduced to her only son’s new wife. They’d be starting over.

From the time that I sat down until the time that I left, Marie’s husband was always 20 minutes away from coming to get her. I really hope that he came and that God restores their marriage. From talking with her, I know that’s what her heart longs for. But either way, I pray that God keeps her safe.

Marie shared these prayer requests with me as we were talking. Please continue to lift her up throughout the week and pray that God surrounds her with a hedge of protection as she goes back to an uncertain environment.
1. That God heals their broken family
2. That God restores her marriage with her husband, making Him the center of it all


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